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Swetland Building

The swetland Building

500 SW Washington Street, Portland, Oregon | SEC SW Fifth Avenue & SW Washington Street | Downtown PDX


  • Entry along SW Fifth Avenue

  • Large glass storefront along both Fifth Avenue & Washington Street

  • Located in seven-story office building in the heart of the Downtown Office Core

  • Located along award-winning transit mall in the heart of the CBD



Property Overview

In addition to being located along the Transit Mall, providing easy access to Tri-Met Bus and MAX Green, Yellow, and Orange line service The Swetland building is located within two blocks of:

  • A BIKETOWN bike hub

The Swetland building is located within three blocks of:

  • All MAX lightrail lines servicing downtown

  • Pioneer Courthouse Square - “Portland’s Living Room”

Pedestrian traffic is 13,264 pedestrians per day at the intersection of SW Sixth and Alder [Dec ‘18] and 23,663 pedestrians per day at SW Fifth and Morrison [Jun ‘19].

Trade Area Overview

Nearby retailers include Nordstrom, Mario’s, and Mercantile, the luxury retailers anchoring the west end of Downtown’s retail core. Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and a flagship, glass-encased Apple store are all located at Pioneer Place, and anchor the east end of this corridor. Stores such as Sephora and Nike Portland are located between the mall and Nordstrom.

There have been 1,026 hotel rooms completed since Fall 2015 in the Central Business District, with an additional 1,519 rooms proposed and under construction. Upon completion of these projects, the number of hotel rooms will have increased by 73% to 7,439 rooms.

Along with hotel construction, nearly 500,000 square feet of office space has been constructed in the Downtown Core since 2016, with an additional 250,000 square feet under construction with delivery dates in 2020 and 2021.


0.25 Miles 0.5 Miles Ctrl Biz Dist
2019 Population: 1,860 10,337 19,490
2024 Projected Pop: 2,036 11,507 21,562
Households: 1,139 8,929 10,937
Owner Occ Housing Units: 75 884 1,772
Renter Occ Housing Units: 1,064 5,207 9,164
# Businesses: 2,123 4,668 4,972
Daytime Population: 36,028 82,459 97,671