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Burlingame Anchor Opportunity

Burlingame Anchor Opportunity

8502 SW Terwilliger Blvd, Portland, Oregon | Terwilliger Blvd & Taylors Ferry Rd


  • 7,540 square foot first floor space

  • 8,000 square foot lower level space

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Property Overview

The signalized intersection of SW Terwilliger Blvd (22,925 VPD) & SW Taylors Ferry Road (17,248 VPD) provides the only in-neighborhood retail to residents of the South Burlingame, Collins View, Marshall Park, and Riverdale neighborhoods of Southwest Portland.

This property offers easy access to Interstate 5 (0.5 miles) and Downtown Portland (4.5 miles) as well as SW Barbur Blvd (Hwy 99W, 0.7 miles) and Macadam Avenue (Hwy 43, 1.0 miles). It also serves commuters utilizing Boones Ferry & Terwilliger en route to and from Interstate 5 as well as the Lewis & Clark constituency.

There are several daily needs retailers co-located at this intersection that draw a wide customer base, in addition to commuters along the two arterials.

Trade Area Overview

The South Burlingame, Collins View, and Marshall Park neighborhoods of Southwest Portland are tucked between Interstate 5 and the Willamette River in the Southeast corner of West Portland, just north of Lake Oswego. The Riverdale neighborhood sits along the Willamette River, southeast of Lewis & Clark College.

These neighborhoods are well-established and primarily filled with single-family homes that become larger as you move farther south and east; demographics are strong with high incomes and high education levels.

Lewis & Clark College, the Portland Metro area’s only law school (1,221 students) is located in Collins View. Lewis & Clark also serves 1,973 undergraduate students, 66% of whom live on campus, and employs 430 faculty members and 427 staff members.


1 Miles 2 Miles 3 Miles
2018 Population: 10,017 44,719 107,634
2023 Projected Pop: 10,503 47,623 114,249
’18-’23 Growth/Yr: 0.97% 1.30% 1.23%
Avg Household Income: $131,029 $120,417 $122,520
% Pop Bachelor's Deg +: 67.79% 67.41% 65.94%
Median Home Value: $430,253 $433,858 $449,843
# Businesses: 378 2,192 4,406
Daytime Population: 8,313 41,287 127,795