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Arris Apartments

Arris Apartments

810 N Fremont Street & 777 N Cook Street, Portland, Oregon


Fremont Building:

  • 2,197 SF Restaurant Space

  • 949 SF & 1,497 SF Office Space

Cook Building:

  • 867 SF & 1,794 SF Retail/Restaurant Space



Property Overview

The Arris Apartments is a new construction, 152-unit residential development in North Portland. The development is comprised of two buildings, the Fremont Building and the Cook Building.

The Fremont Building, located at the Southeast Corner of N Fremont Street & N Mississippi Avenue, is a 45-unit residential building and will feature one restaurant space and two office spaces.

Restaurant space details:

  • 2,197 square feet

  • Two roll-up garage doors

  • Heated, private rear terrace with outdoor fireplace

  • Heated outdoor terrace along N Mississippi Avenue

Office space details:

  • One 949 square foot space and one 1,497 square foot space facing N Fremont Street

The Cook Building, located at the northeast corner of N Cook Street & N Albina Avenue, is a 107-unit residential building and will feature two retail/restaurant spaces.

Retail/Restaurant space details:

  • One 867 square foot space facing N Albina Avenue

  • One 1,794 square foot space at the corner of N Albina and N Cook

    • Space is divisible

    • Two roll-up garage doors

  • Grease interceptor

  • Full restaurant venting capability in all spaces

Trade Area Overview

North Mississippi Avenue is a thriving commercial district that has established itself as one of Portland’s most popular dining and shopping streets. The District offers a coveted close-in eastside location with an established neighborhood feel and quintessential historic charm. The diverse mix of local businesses are active both day and night and attract residents from all across the city as well as tourists seeking out the “Portlandia experience.”

A surge in residential demand over the past fifteen years has spurred the development of several mixed-use projects along Mississippi and the surrounding arterials. It has also expanded the commercial offerings, which now stretch from North Cook to just north of North Skidmore. The District features an eclectic mix of businesses such as The Rebuilding Center, Wanderlust & Wildhearts, and Flutter. In addition, the nightlife has a strong draw, with Mississippi Pizza Pub, Mississippi Studios, and The Box Social all offering live music and libations on nearly a nightly basis.


0.5 Miles 1 Mile 2 Miles
2018 Population: 5,224 21,297 100,949
2023 Projected Pop: 6,088 23,885 111,178
’18-’23 Growth/Yr: 3.31% 2.43% 2.03%
Avg Household Income: $82,258 $81,322 $89,200
% Pop Bachelor's Deg +: 62.72% 59.21% 63.78%
Median Home Value: $366,182 $385,140 $408,065
# Businesses: 379 1,312 9,042
Daytime Population: 12,427 29,516 185,376